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Akitio Mobile Apps Discontinued

Mobile apps for the MyCloud and CloudHybrid series from Akitio have been discontinued and are no longer available for download.

Apps that have already been installed can still be used but might stop working with future updates of iOS and Android.

Please be aware that services at will be discontinued on August 31, 2019. After that, when using the apps, it will be necessary to use the IP address of your device or use a dynamic DNS service instead to login.

Discontinued apps

  • AKiTiO MyCloud (iOS & Android)
  • MyCloud Manager (iOS & Android)
  • MyCloud for Facebook (iOS & Android)
  • MyCloud for YouTube (iOS & Android)
  • AKiTiO CloudSync (iOS & Android)
  • CloudSync Manager (iOS & Android)
  • AKiTiO CloudHbyrid (iOS & Android)
  • CloudHybrid Manager (iOS & Android)