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Thunderbolt Storage

AKiTiO is the official storage solutions provider for The Southwest Film. As a gear sponsor for this project with its massive files from 4K and 6K footage, we recommended our fastest storage solutions with multiple drive bays and the lightning fast Thunderbolt™ 2 interface. This provides both the speed that is needed to move the data and the option to RAID the drives for extra performance or redundancy. As with all the important data, it's always important to backup and back it up again.

“This may all sound a bit extreme, but for a film its what we have to do to protect the footage. Remember that this also applies to your personal data. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Again make sure you have multiple copies in multiple locations. Ask a friend to join together and give each other hard drive copies so that you both are backed up.”, states Chad Lancaster from The Southwest team.


This video is a short introduction into the data workflow and management techniques that is used on the film "The Southwest". For a more in-depth discussion with infographics and additional information please visit

AKiTiO is the official storage solution of The Southwest
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