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How to use the help desk and submit this form

When submitting this form for the first time and if you do not already have a registered account, the system will automatically create a user account for you and send the details to your mailbox. Please make sure your SPAM filter accepts mail coming from this domain, or the automated message with your personal login credentials might end up in the trash.

In order to view and manage your existing ticket(s), please login under Member Login and go to Tickets Overview. If you prefer to reply by email, you can reply directly to the message you get from our staff members. When replying by email, please make sure to use the same email address and keep the the ticket number in the subject line, or otherwise the reply will be rejected.

If you are unable to submit this form or use our help desk system, please email us at

About the data collected when submitting this form

The personal data collected in this form such as name and email is used solely by Akitio for the purpose of communicating personally with you.

The additional information you send us is used primarily to answer your questions but this information is also stored in our help desk system for future reference, if you contact us again and for our team to troubleshoot and improve our products.

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