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AKiTiO would like to congratulate the winners and proud new owners of our AKiTiO Thunder2 Dock. We hope you enjoy the Thunderbolt docking station and that it fits nicely into your video editing workflow.

These prices were provided by Advantage Video Systems from California at the monthly meetings of the Digital Media Artists of Los Angeles (DMA LA) and the Los Angeles Post Production Group (LAPPG).

MD4 U3e

As of December 1, 2015, the MD4 U3e has been discontinued and this model is no longer being manufactured, sold or maintained.

The MD4 U3e was a 1U 19" rack-mount chassis with built-in hardware RAID designed for up to four 3.5" hard disk drives. It featured a hot swap rack and a dual interface with eSATA and USB 3.0.

There is no replacement for this model and there are currently no alternative rack-mount chassis available from AKiTiO.

AKiTiO Thunder SATA Go SSD reader

Solid state drives (SSDs) provide faster data transfer rates than mechanical hard disk drives (HDD's) but how fast can an SSD with a SATA interface really go and what is needed to achieve the best possible speeds in an external storage enclosure?

A single SSD with a SATA 6Gb/s interface, also known as SATA-III or SATA 3, can deliver speeds of about 500-550MB/s. This means that the storage enclosure should have a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface at 10Gbps or a Thunderbolt interface to provide sufficient bandwidth. However, when it comes to Thunderbolt enclosures, not all are built the same way and if you plan on getting the most out of a single SSD, you need to make sure that the SATA controller also provides enough bandwidth to run at full SATA 6Gb/s speeds.

MyCloud Pro

As of November 10, 2015, the MyCloud Pro has been discontinued and this model is no longer being manufactured, sold or maintained.

The MyCloud Pro was a dual-bay network drive with built-in UPnP-AV media server designed for two 3.5" SATA hard disk drives. The MyCloud software made this NAS an easy device to setup an use as a personal cloud server at home and for remote access.

There is no new version or alternative available for this particular model.

Raymond Singer

"It just does its thing. Quickly. Quietly. Dependably. What more would you want from a work drive?", states Raymond Singer from Cut to the Story Films while using the AKiTiO ThunderGo.

“OK, $950 for a 1TB SSD drive that does Thunderbolt 2 and USB3? Seems like a lot of dough. What if I said, you actually get more than you paid for?”

“We all know SSD drives are fast, so it’s no news that the Akitio ThunderGo is fast. Actually, the little guy is blazingly fast. That’s nice when it comes to copying a stack of camera cards, editing and rendering a few streams of HD content on your NLE, or just plain reading and writing a slew of material. But how does it hold up when you take it out in the field, use it day in and day out on a heavy documentary shoot in all kinds of weather? When it’s constantly with you, copying camera cards or editing on your laptop in Hilo, Hawaii, Cameroon, Africa, or on an airplane in- between those or some other locations? What happens when you grabbed your camera from the bag but inadvertently left the drive behind in your car with the windows closed? I’ll tell you what happens. Nothing. That drive just takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Except it doesn’t tick. Or tock. Or hum. Or spin. It just sits there. A smug little brick full of information that is easily and quickly accessible and SAFE from all the vague but deadly things other hard drives are afraid of for very good reason.”