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AKiTiO Thunder Dock

The AKiTiO Thunder Dock offers a tremendous amount of value in the age of slim computing. Allowing users to utilize eSATA and legacy Firewire devices makes this a must have for any professional. Read More...

Tyler Bernath - TweakTown (February 22, 2014)

Neutrino Thunder Duo

Das kleine RAID-Gehäuse ist solide verarbeitet und genügt mit zwei Thunderbolt-Anschlüssen auch professionelleren Ansprüchen. Die Geschwindigkeit ist insgesamt sehr flott. Die Machart gefällt und ein kurzes Thunderbolt-Kabel ist sogar im Lieferumfang enthalten. Nur der Preis erscheint ein wenig zu hoch. Read More...

Thomas Bergbold - Macwelt (Dec 10, 2013)

Neutrino Thunderbolt

This SSD-based portable drive is fast and attractive for users wedded to Thunderbolt, even if its single SSD inside can’t take full advantage of the Thunderbolt pipe.

Matt Safford - Computer Shopper (December 4, 2013)

Neutrino Thunder D3

The SSD drive unit that Akito sent me, fits as seen in the picture in the palm of my hand. I installed two 1gb SSD drives in it, hooked it with the “included” thunderbolt cable to my Mac, setup was as painless as plugging in the cable. I tested data transfer speeds and saw transfers speed approach 10gb per second. I also tested video capture, and post editing processing directly on the drive. Performance was better than processing on my mac that has a standard hard drive. Read More...

GEEKNEWS - Geek News Central (October 20, 2013)
Storage Switzerland

Neutrino Thunder Duo

From a reliability factor, the Neutrio / Crucial SSD combo has withstood everything we can throw at it. We have filled the units up, repeatedly; run constant I/O at them and they now serve as the primary store for on-location video shoots - where we will fill up the 2TB drive in a three day period, unload and then start over again. All this time the combination has proven to be rock solid reliable and we have seen no loss in performance. Read More...

George Crump - Storage Switzerland (Oct 11, 2013)

Neutrino Thunderbolt

With the Neutrino Thunderbolt, AKiTiO has taken external storage to the highest of tiers. The single cable design powered by Intel's Thunderbolt technology allows for the utmost in portability, all housed in a very durable aluminium enclosure. In fact, it is the quickest single drive external storage solution we have tested so far. Read More...

Tyler Bernath - TweakTown (August 21, 2013)

Neutrino Thunder Duo

Rob and Richard talk about AKiTiO, Thunderbolt technology and AKiTiO's latest Neutrino Thunder Duo.
Listen to radio broadcast (Hour 3 from 22:05-29:40)

Dave Graveline & Richard Wright - Into Tomorrow (August 2, 2013)

Neutrino Thunderbolt

Die AKiTiO Thunderbolt Edition ist die ideale Lösung für Leute die einen Mac mit SSD haben wollen, aber diese nicht intern verbauen können. Als Erweiterung für Mac Minis ist sie absolut top. Aber auch als externe Platte zum super schnellen Datentransfer ist die Platte sehr gut geeignet. Read More...

Bernd - Rosenblut (June 17, 2013)

Neutrino Thunderbolt

Die Neutrino als Systemplatte hat für mich auch den Vorteil, dass ich mein Setup einfach mal schnell zu einem anderen Rechner mitnehmen kann und nicht auf den Komfort der Geschwindigkeit verzichten muss. So beheimatet die Neutrino das Hauptsystem meines iMacs, welches ich aber zwischendurch auch mal am Macbook Air oder Firmen-iMac einfach booten kann. Read More...

Jan Kampling - Gdgts (January 4, 2013)

Neutrino U3+

For those of us who wish to purchase the exact hard drive of our choice without sacrificing quality and performance, AKiTiO has created the Neutrino U3 external enclosure. Using aluminum instead of plastic is a welcome feature, especially when a lot of new computers are shipping in aluminum or poly-carbonate uni-bodies these days. This level of quality not only looks nice, but it also helps with long term durability. What’s special about this case is the full list of connectivity options it supports, along with all the necessary cables. Read More...

Joe Currao - TMR Zoo (December 19, 2012)