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How to save the system report on a Mac

To troubleshoot problems with a Mac, tech support might ask you to save the system report and send it by e-mail. This report allows our support staff to see more details about your system, such as the computer model, the OS version, the firmware version and also information about the attached devices.

  1. Make sure the devices that you are currently troubleshooting are connected to the computer and turned on.
  2. In the upper-left corner of your screen, click on the Apple icon and select About This Mac.
    mac system report 01
  3. Click System Report... to view your system information.
    mac system report 02
  4. If the device has been connected after opening the system report, go to the File menu and select Refresh Information.
    mac system report 03
  5. In the File menu, click Save... to save the report to your disk.
    mac system report 04
  6. Locate the *.spx file you have saved in the previous step and compress it to create a ZIP archive.
    mac system report 06
  7. You can now send the ZIP file by e-mail or attach it to your support ticket.
    mac system report 07