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[Node] Can I replace the built-in power supply with my own?

Replacing the internal power supply will void the warranty of your product but yes, any standard SFX power supply should fit. For the Node, your new power supply will need a 6-pin PCIe connector to provide 12V of power to the circuit board. For the graphics card, it depends on your GPU but most likely you will need a 8-pin and a 6-pin PCIe connector to power the card. When buying an off the shelf PSU, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Most power supplies include only two pairs of PCIe power connectors. For a modular PSU, you should be able to buy an extra pair of PCIe power cables. Otherwise, you will need some kind of 3rd party adapter (e.g. 4-pin to 6-pin PCIe power adapter). Make sure to use only the PCIe power connectors, NOT the CPU power connectors!
  2. It's best to get a PSU with a power switch, because the Node itself does not have a power switch. However, you will also need a jumper for the ATX cable in order to trick the PSU to turn on when it's not connected to a motherboard. You can do this manually or you could buy a pre-made jumper bridge for the ATX connector.