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[Node] Can I use the external GPU for the internal screen?

The Node with a graphics card (eGPU) was designed with two scenarios in mind. The first is with an external display and the second is for extra GPU processing power.

In the first case, the monitor is connected to the graphics card in the Node and the software (e.g. video editing software or game) is running on the external monitor. In the second case, the software (e.g. DaVinci Resolve), needs to support multiple GPUs or let you choose the GPU, so that you can select the external GPU. Not all software (e.g. games) support additional GPUs, in which case you would have to use an external monitor to make use of the external GPU.

Yes, some people have made it work with the internal screen as well but this is not something that we support. To see what works and what doesn't, please refer to the user reports at the forum.