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[T3-10G] Can I use this network adapter on Linux?

We do not support Linux, because it is not part of our compatibility testing and if there are any problems, customer support won't be able to help. However, if your system supports Thunderbolt 3 and you have a kernel that includes the necessary drivers (e.g. Ubuntu 16 LTS), the Thunderbolt device should be recognized correctly.

In order to use the network adapter on Linux, you will have to install the driver ''.

If the Thunderbolt device is not recognized correctly, following are some tipps that might help:

  1. Make sure the BIOS and the Thunderbolt firmware (NVM) on your computer are up to date. You might have to temporarily install Windows in order to make these updates.
  2. Go to your BIOS settings and set the Thunderbolt security level to legacy.
  3. Go to your BIOS settings and turn off Thunderbolt Boot Support.
  4. Do not hot plug the device. Connect and turn on the device before you start up the system. Once it's running, don't unplug it until you have shut down the system.