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[Node Pro] What is the maximum power the PCIe card can consume?

We recommend using a PCIe card with a power consumption of 400W or less but depending on the situation, the card can consume up to 485W.

  • Total power of the built-in PSU: 500W
  • Power consumption of the Node Pro: 10-15W
  • Maximum power on PCIe slot: 75W
  • Power delivery: Up to 60W per port (usually only the laptop on the first port requires that much power)
  • Bus powered Thunderbolt device on second port: 15W

If the Node Pro is connected to a computer that does not draw power through the Thunderbolt connection and there is no Thunderbolt or USB device attached to the second Thunderbolt port, the remaining power for the PCIe card is around 485W. If the Node Pro is used to recharge the laptop and a bus-powered Thunderbolt device is connected to the second Thunderbolt port on the Node Pro, the remaining power for the PCIe card is only around 410W.